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Page 136
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Author Notes:

fedorakero 3rd Jul 2020, 12:01 PM edit delete
with a terrified heart I must announce some good news and some bad news

good news: I'm rebooting TWTCtS
bad news: I'm rebooting TWTCtS

Summary: The rest of chapter 6 will continue to post on schedule, even though it's just a draft version. Please stay subscribed to this site afterwards, because when the reboot is ready, I'll move all these old pages onto a different comic site and upload the reboot here!

Long explanation: I began this comic prematurely. I was only 14 when I started making the characters, and 17 when I started drawing the comic. There was hardly any semblance of a story when I started drawing it... heck, the main antagonist and the most prominent character in the story didn't even exist until halfway through drawing chapter 2! Even after chapter 4, I barely knew where I was going with everything. Logan isn't even supposed to be the protagonist—the truth is that Emrys and Zade share that role!

While chapters 1-4 are great in their own way, they're not a good beginning for the story I want to tell. I don't love how chapter 5 turned out, but it at least serves its purpose.

I'm mostly happy with chapter 6—the rest of which will continue to post on schedule, but unfinished. It's all either thumbnailed, sketched, or lined, so it should be readable.

This has nothing to do with my skill progression! It's about the fact that the story wasn't ready yet. Before restarting, I'm going to outline all major events, make sure each character has a strong motive, make sure I know how every single thread will be resolved, etc. But I'm not going to delay until everything's perfect. I'm aware that perfection isn't attainable, and that's okay.

I have a lot of work to do before the reboot's chapter 1 can start publishing, but I'm shooting for the first half of 2021 at the latest.

Please stay subbed! I'm most likely going to keep this comic site for the reboot and just move all these old pages to a different site. They'll stay available, but the comic will be marked as discontinued.

Thank you for reading this explanation, and thank you for reading TWTCtS!
Catch me on Twitter on either my personal account or art account; I'm super active! Things I make content for include lots of OCs, Vocaloid, and Danganronpa. I have a jokey DR fangame in the works, yet another jokey game my friend and I are making within 30 days (might be done by the time you're reading this!) and a surreal psychological thing down the line. I love anything to do with fictional characters! I hope to stay active in CF's forum, but my Twitter DMs are always open, too.

See you soon~✰


Dan with a Plan 3rd Jul 2020, 12:13 PM edit delete reply
Dan with a Plan
Good luck! I hope you'll have great success in your reboot!
fedorakero 4th Jul 2020, 4:15 PM edit delete reply
Thank you!!! I'm gonna do my best!!
Guest 3rd Jul 2020, 3:55 PM edit delete reply
I'm excited to see how the reboot will turn out.

Keep at it~!