☆ The Web That Caught the Spider ☆

dank memes and dark dreams

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Page 59
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merlinnia 1st Jun 2017, 3:48 AM edit delete reply
NiaNook 24th Oct 2017, 5:50 PM edit delete reply
I don't wanna make crazy assumptions, so this is just a thought.
Main character girl is actually much more than just some weeaboo girl and somehow has some crazy powers or something? I mean, just going off of the orange text and her crazy 4th wall breaking and her ability to flag down "main characters" on a whim. :O Woooo~~~~
fedorakero 24th Oct 2017, 9:59 PM edit delete reply
oooooooh this isn't quite the same text color though, this one's a darker reddish orange and hers is yellowy hahah
but headcanon what you like ;^)
NiaNook 24th Oct 2017, 10:28 PM edit delete reply
Ah, I shoulda figured. It would be a fun thought, but I won't headcanon it :D